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Fuel Oil Systems


Emergency power fuel oil systems on all projects, especially mission-critical facilities, are complex and each has its own unique operational concerns, so to develop the best solutions we pull from our proven Professional Engineering and Construction experience Experience that was...

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SPCC Plans

Although SPCC Plan regulations were implemented years ago, recently it has been more rigorously enforced by local regulatory agencies and even increasingly required by insurance companies. While we fully understand that new regulations and their requirements can be quite onerous, having a SPCC Plan is an opportunity to take a fresh look at your operations and help keep your facility safe and your liability risks low.

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Fuel Equipment

We offer a Full Line of Petroleum Equipment – Fuel Transfer Pumps, Oil & Chemical Transfer Pumps, Hoses, Nozzles, Swivels, Breakaways, Meters, Filters, Hose Reels, Bulk Fueling and much more. Call 619-688-5848 or Order Online at PetroDirect.com


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